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Dennis Lippert incorporates glass art and architecture for a total design solution. Located in Missoula, Montana.
Links to product suppliers, software, outsourcing, professional bodies, trade associations and sites of interest to architects and other professionals.
Provides information on building reinforced concrete domes as earthquake, tornado and hurricane resistant housing.
Animal art of all Gods precious creatures. If it crawls, swims, flies, hops, or walks, I will paint it. Pastels, acrylics, and ceramics.
Your guide to fun and profits from crafts articles, patterns, tips and ideas to help you make and sell unique crafts.
A guide for students and professionals interested in art-related websites utilizing or exploring digital media and computers.
Online auctions of Japanese Ukiyo-e prints.
Learn how to twist balloon animal sculpture.
Auctioneers of fine art, antiques, collectables and motor cars.
Expression through technology.
Avian, floral, marine and landscape framed art batiks. Featuring intense detail and strong colors yet remaining true to the original, ancient art form.
Geometric and mathematical art by Hendrik Arie Baartman.
Manzanares el Real Castle, combining the solidarity of a large fortress of the low Middle Ages and the elegance of a Renaissance residence.
Finely detailed original woodcarvings and paintings by Judy. Songbirds, loons, animals, and more painted in detail as seen in nature.
Colorful gemstone jewelry accented with a butterfly signature. Rugged men’s necklaces and bracelets with lots of metal.
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