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Professionally created charcoal pencil sketches and colour portrait paintings. Dutch management. Satisfaction guaranteed!
With a strong background in zoology, wildlife artist Danny O'Dricoll creates extreme realism, accuracy and anatomical correctness in all his artworks.
The major modern and contemporary visual artists, each artist with portrait, biography, essays and more.
An online information source for contemporary international artists from all fields.
Combines on-line international art news, reviews, articles, contemporary salon and a 1500 megabyte research library of master paintings.
Wildlife art by Jim A Hall, includes lithos and giclees of pen and ink drawings and acrylic paintings.
A publicly supported nonprofit organization for the publication and dissemination of information about artists and where to find their work.
Featuring an extensive artist, image and museum archive, searchable by country, date and many different themes.
Featuring exotic and more common birds. Each print can be purchased with a color coordinated background or against a deep blue night sky.
Biographies and main works of famous artists, includes reproductions and historical comments.
Unique animal art, originals and prints of wildlife, horses and other domestic animals. Portraits are available.
Online animal photography gallery. Get a closer look at tigers, wolves, dolphins and birds.
Original, pastel drawings of your furry friends from your favourite phtograph. Capture the essence of your pet in this unique fun and whimsical style.
Animal theme limoges porcelain boxes, hand crafted and painted by skilled porcelain artists in France - including domestic and wildlife animals.
Custom handcrafted wood boxes. You design it and we build it. Plus lots of craft supplies and woodworking essentials.
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