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Top Design & Art Schools

Thursday, January 28th, 2016

The top design schools are preparing creative and talented students for exciting careers in fields such as architecture, fashion, graphic art, interior design, web design and much more. There are many schools all over the nation offering a variety of art and design degrees. There are schools that are dedicated to art and design, and there are traditional community colleges and four-year universities that also offer a variety of art and design programs. These following institutions are considered to be among the top design schools in the nation for students looking to earn a practical degree and hit the ground running in a new career upon graduation:

Academy of Art University: This trusted institution, which was founded in 1929, is known as the largest private school in the country that is dedicated specifically to art and design.

The Art Institutes: This school is an excellent choice if you are looking to get a practical education in an artistic subject such as culinary arts, design, fashion, media arts and many others. Many creative professionals got their start here.

The Art Institute Online: Now the Art Institute also offers online programs to fit the needs of adult students who have jobs, families and other obligations that may keep them away from the campus. This is an especially good choice for students of web design and other subjects that require a great deal of time on the computer.

Harrington College of Design: This reputable college has been around for nearly 70 years. Known for interior design in particular, many of today’s professionals in this field got started here.

International Academy of Design & Technology: You may choose from a variety of degrees at the International Academy of Design & Technology, including computer arts, graphic design and visual communication.

Westwood College: If you want the practical skills and the academic knowledge to get started on a career in art or design, you are sure to find a good program here. This is one of the top design schools known for preparing students to begin their careers as soon as they graduate.

Computer Art Classes

Thursday, November 5th, 2015

There are as many ways to express yourself with art, as there are media to use as tools. You may be passionate about drawing and choose to create your work with charcoal or pen and ink. You may love the challenges and beauty possible through mixing paint and brushing or spraying in onto a canvas. Others will want to find just the perfect piece of wood, marble or other material and carve in three dimensions what they are seeing in their minds. In addition to these methods, art students now have the opportunity to enroll in computer art classes. These computer art classes offer a completely different medium for expressing your vision through artistic means. These students use the transformation of zeroes and ones!

Computer art classes are grown by leaps and bounds as students who grew up with a computer are entering adulthood. Unlike artists that have come before this set of students who enroll in computer art classes are quite comfortable without a brush, paints, pencils or canvas. Although this may seem a bit odd and slightly uncomfortable to artists who are older, this is the latest medium for producing works of art. Computer art classes can be taken by anyone wishing to explore the creative side of their personality. You do not have to be an art major or even know what a Picasso looks like in order to participate in and enjoy computer art classes. Simply search online and enroll in one that seems to be at your learning level. For example, you will not want to enroll in an advanced graphics design class if this is your first computer art class. You want the experience to be instructive but do not disregard the enjoyment factor. All art must be pursued with a bit of pleasure otherwise it simply becomes a task.

Computer art classes are even offered for free through local and regional museum websites. These are mostly for beginners and will contain instruction on the basics of using your computer to create artist expression. Check your local newspaper for announcements from public libraries that have computer labs. They often offer computer art classes in the evenings or on the weekends as a hobby or interest based instructional experience.