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Artistic Checks – More than Simply Money

Thursday, September 3rd, 2015

Financial transactions have been tracked on paper documents like checks and various types of notes for hundreds of years. Our obsession with money makes it easy to miss the historical, archaeological and artistic value that checks can provide. This article will present a brief look at the world of artistic checks as more than just a simple bank balance transfer record.

The History of Artistic Checks

Money and art have been intertwined since the beginning of time. Every major culture has commissioned artists to decorate money and financial records such as bonds, coins, notes and checks.

An excellent example would be the famous check used by the United States to pay Russia for the purchase of the state of Alaska in 1869. Featuring two stunning hand cut lithographs this artistic check is now a valuable piece of history in it’s own right. It’s doubtful whether any of our modern electronic fund transfers will be as useful in providing such a beautiful glimpse of history.

Artistic Checks Add Value

The reason that checks and other money have been decorated with art is simple: art increases the perceived value. Imagine a blank piece of paper scribbled with a promise to pay an amount as compared with a properly printed artistic check. Which one would give you more confidence in the financial transaction?

For many years, the art has actually supplied the only value on a check or any other form of money. Currencies no longer have any real value, making the images, artwork and symbols necessary to convince the receiver of the ability of the issuer to complete the transaction.

Artistic Checks offer Higher Security

Fraud protection is another important aspect of artistic checks. Banks use artistic markings to make checks and other financial notes much more difficult to reproduce or forge. Three important security features are:

1. A watermark or other semi-transparent marks which only become visible if the check is held up to the light. They are specially created by an artist so they will not be reproduced easily if the check is copied.

2. Holograms are little images etched into metallic foil. They contain what appears to be an artistic 3-D picture which is visible only when held at a certain angle.

3. Micro printing is a special check inking technique that embeds words as simple lines that make up the images on an artistic check. Only when these lines are viewed with a magnifying glass, can someone read the words.

Current Day Artistic Checks

The Internet has given rise to an explosion in artistic checks. These days the security features remain, but it is not uncommon for check printing companies to offer thousands of images, patterns, designs, and scenic elements for consumers to use to decorate their personal checks.

I hope you’ll see that artistic checks and decorative money have a rich history and provide value beyond the simple notation of money moving between accounts. They demonstrate personal expression, beauty and the link between your deeper values and your money.

Searching For A Portrait Artist On the Internet

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Artists have become known around the world for certain portrait paintings. Portrait paintings are art forms which every art lover wants to own. But every artist cannot create portraits with the perfect look. Therefore, many a times, people are not satisfied with their portraits, when completed.To get the best portrait made, it is very important that you first find a portrait artist who can create your portrait in the best possible way.

There are some artists who specialize in creating portrait paintings. No matter, whether you want live portraits or photo portraits, the portrait artists can create the best portraits for you. The portraits created by these artists contain elements which give them a real look and make them look different from the others. The portrait artists closely study every detail of their subject and give the portraits the perfect look.You can find many portrait artists on the internet. You can also check out their works on their websites.

In the past, when photography was not popular, oil paintingwas one of the most popular means for family portraits, used to preserve images of their near and dear ones for future generations. Oil painting portraitswere not only popular because it was used for making personal images but also because it was used as a decorative medium to decorate homes and offices. Mona Lisa, made by the Italian artist Leonardo Da Vinci long back in the early 1500s, is most probably the most famous oil painting portrait.

Oil Painting Portraits, which were made centuries back are so beautiful that they continue to amaze us even today. Now, oil painting portraits have become affordable. So, you can buy them to either gift it to someone or simply decorate your home and office with it and can also get an oil painting portrait of your choice made by an artist. The artist will require a few weeks time to complete your portrait of oil painting and deliver it to you.